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2019-12-07 08:31 pm

[ooc] How's My Driving?

Confession time! I'm not perfect. I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but I have been known on occasion to be less than impressive. Lmao no, totally kidding, I'm not even going to pretend I'm anywhere near perfect, which is why this is your generic How's My Driving post for Claire. If you see me doing anything that you don't think syncs up with how you view Claire Bennet, let me know, and I'll either explain my reasoning or fix it right away.

Questions, comments, concerns, all of it's welcome. I do ask that you try to provide specific thread reference so I can see myself in action and apply your constructive criticism better. I'm turning anonymous commenting on, but I'll warn you right now that I'm leaving IP logging on so that if anyone trolls my journal and/or HMD, I can take care of it. I promise I won't check if you just leave concrit. ♥ It's not the person who matters, it's the validity of what they've got to say.

And, mmm, I think that covers everything. Go crazy.
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2015-04-20 10:27 pm


This entry is basically how I'm going to keep track of Claire's life and timeline in Damned, so I'll be editing it accordingly. Mostly for my reference, but if you're looking for a log you did with Claire, it'll probably be listed here.


















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2011-05-12 08:38 pm

(log) we've got nowhere to go, we've got nothing to prove

[ This was a stupid idea. It was a stupid idea, and Claire didn't need anyone to tell her so. Maybe that was why she'd kept it close to the vest and not talked to Spike or Peter about it.

Or maybe it was just because she felt guilty. After all, if she was going to criticize Peter for altogether using Adam, then he had every right to criticize her for trying the soothe the savage beast approach with Sylar -- she knew as much. She knew it and it's why she couldn't sit around and listen to him say it. Trying to play babysitter so Sylar didn't go on a rampage about Spike leaving was just as likely to end in her being the victim of the rampage.

Which was precisely why when she did get to his place, she stood outside the door for what might have been ten minutes before finally owning her (potentially terrible) life decision and knocking. This had nowhere to go but down.
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2011-04-21 06:10 am

[log] in life we're the writers to our own books | i've written mine on lies and catchy hooks

[ After Katara's left and the clean-up's been done, Claire moves to start digging through her bag to acquire her brother's portable DVD player. It's not exactly a big screen, but she has a feeling unlike most guys from Earth, Zuko's media standards aren't too demanding. She looks back over at him with a thoughtful smile as she digs out the DVDs.

It's weird, and she's not actually going to say it out loud because that would just be a little too much with the honest-ish policy she's working on, but she's kinda missed the Fire Nation in general. Spending as much time as she did there meant getting a little used to it. It's nice to be back for a visit.

Where should I set this stuff up, anyway? Your room?
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2011-02-05 11:53 am

[log] forever backdated beach party

[ The beach. Also known as the single greatest way for Claire to feel at home. The prospect sure was doing its job of making her feel less out of place in the strange world of the Fire Nation. Of course, Zuko being around was helping too. Even if she was feeling a sudden excitable impatience that seriously counteracted how pumped she'd been before about sneaking out and learning how to be as stealthy as he was. ]

I bet the water's really warm from the volcano too, huh? [ Already dressed in her new bathing suit (which … really did fit creepily well, chalk one up to custom made clothes, she supposed), she rolled up a towel, stuffing it into her bag and shifting her gaze over to Zuko. ]

What's the plan for getting past your guards, anyway? Distraction? I'm not above flashing some leg if it'll keep them from seeing you leave. [ Look it … would not be the first time her plan relied on her severely flawed feminine wiles. And maybe, just maybe, that was her first avenue of assumption just because she had full expectations of it leading to a Zuko-level explosion of awkward tsundere. ]
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2010-11-28 04:09 pm

[log] this world keeps spinning faster into a new disaster so i run to you

who | Jack Harkness ([ profile] capt_greatcoat), Nate Gray ([ profile] ttlynotcable) and Claire Bennet ([ profile] autophoenix)
what | Nate teleports Claire to Ianto's apartment so she can see Jack after the conclusion of the Brian Moser plot. He hangs out for a while to make sure everything's okay and that Jack's not a sketchy rapist or murderer. Claire confides in Jack because he's the only one who can understand what Brian did to her.
where | #20 Redlaver St, Cardiff.

I run from pessimists, but I run too late ... I run too fast or too slow it seems. )
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2010-11-26 02:14 am

[log] we're all to blame / we're all the same / make no apologies

[ SURPRISE. It's dinner time in Tony Stark's house -- who all of the iron family is living there? Who knows, at this point. What matters is that Nate is expected to be joining them for dinner so Claire is running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to straighten things up. ]

[ooc; IT HAD TO HAPPEN. I have ... absolutely no tag order for this either. Backdated to the grab-bag, obviously. :c /needy. ]
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2010-11-26 02:08 am

[log] she's not breathing back

[ She's not sure which is worse: the indignity of spending three days strapped to a table, mostly naked, while "Rudy Cooper" -- if that was even his name -- figured out which limb to test next, or actually having to deal with the constant regeneration. It had been hard on her body and it showed in the sweating and shakes and the general strung-out look to her. ]

You're gonna have to let me go eventually. What, am I supposed to just wait til you get bored of hacking pieces off? Or haven't you figured out yet that you. can't. hurt me?

[ooc; VIVI, PUNCH ME IF THIS ISN'T OKAY. I figured she'd be chillin' with Brian when rescuechans arrived and ... have no tag order in mind. COMMENTSPAM AT WILL. /craziest rescue log ever. ]
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2010-10-01 03:28 pm

[ooc] plugging, but it's for a good cause. 8(

We may not have the show, but we can still have the...

Leave prompts, fill them, and read to your heart's content!

Join in at [ profile] heroeskink on the latest meme!
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2010-09-19 05:19 pm

LOG TRACKING FOR [ profile] babylonwood

001. After waking up, Claire runs into Karrin Murphy. Almost literally. Karrin explains that it's probably fairies and Claire, though dubious, decides to accept the approach because it's not like she has any better ideas. :/
002. After her meet-up with Murphy, she meets Cassie, the result of what would happen if Skipper did a lot of Meth. Cassie tries to convince Claire that her entire life has been a lie and an illusion just to screw with Cassie's head, and Claire tells her what a dumb answer that is. She also meets Peter Burke, the one who seems the most sane. He's an FBI agent and he didn't wave a gun in her face like Karrin did. Win. Also, his name is Peter, that's always a good way to win Claire over.

001. As the fog begins to lift and a group of trader Fae that look like furries arrive, Claire becomes a prime target to be sold into slavery. Cordelia also gets pulled into that hot mess of slavery after trying to protect Claire. It's an unpleasant place to be.

001. After the barracks rescue them, Claire gets yelled at by Peter, much to her chagrin, for baiting the trader fae into wanting to sell them into slavery. Claire argues that she can't help that everyone's jealous of her.
002. So she tries to ditch the group, so she can go mope off and be lonely and mourn her hard life, and runs into Peter who she assumes is an amnesiac instead. She helps him back to a cabin so she can take care of the burns he apparently suffered on his way in.
003. Claire and Murphy catch up outside of her cabin when Claire sees the woman hurling after the carnival.
004. She decides to start exploring the area and finds an arch, where she meets the lovely Katherine Pierce. Claire explains to her where the cabins are and how many people are there.
005a. Claire makes a post over the journals to try and track down her taser. She finds out that Elle is alive and gets Cordelia's name.
005b. When she goes down to the stream to try and make sure it's not acidic, she meets Buffy Summers who tells her there are vampires in the Wood. She then has the unfortunate luck of running into Sylar, who tries to cut her a deal that sounds too good to be true. Claire threatens him and almost gets her ass kicked, but Anna steps in an saves her, scaring Sylar off.