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This entry is basically how I'm going to keep track of Claire's life and timeline in Damned, so I'll be editing it accordingly. Mostly for my reference, but if you're looking for a log you did with Claire, it'll probably be listed here.

Day 49
1. Claire wakes up in Landel's Institute with no idea how she got there, only to find a nurse calling her by the wrong name.
2. Claire meets Gren at breakfast, another new "patient" who plays the saxophone and confirms her suspicion that Landel's is not affiliated with the Company and she is, in fact, screwed. They also (passively) argue over the best way to handle the situation.
3. Claire meets Luke in the games room, who tries to convince Claire that he's legitimately crazy by being forthcoming with all of the gods and demigods business. But, that's okay because once Claire stops playing along, he admits that he was just kidding. He decides she's someone he can use, and she decides he's someone she might rely on.
4. Claire chills in the library, where she meets Natalia who thinks she's a fairy princess. Or something. Claire explains Texas, baseball and American government.
5. Claire skips dinner and meets her new roommate, Bella Swan, who breaks the news of what goes bump in the night at the Institute to Claire. Night falls and the doors get unlocked from the inside; the two go exploring.

Night 49
1. Claire leaves with Bella. They make plans for where to head next.
2. Claire and Bella wind up heading to the nurse's station in search of weapons and/or medical supplies.They conclude that they want to get their hands on the files the institute is keeping on them and make plans to head there after the nurse's station.
3. The two arrive at the nurse's station, only to find it locked. After making sure Claire isn't being a burden, they head for the file room.
4. They arrive at the file room. Bella explains there are people from fictions that are patients, Claire explains they must have just had a psychotic break and be crazy fanboys. She also explains her thoughts on Natalia, Gren and Luke to Bella. Unfortunately, when they actually go in the file room, they find something else entirely.
5. Bella and Claire enter the Female Nurse Prep Area on the second floor and are confused as to how the door to the file room opened to it. They try to break the mirror to get glass shards for weapons an wind up setting a monster free that takes Claire's shape and attacks them. It's a close call, but the girls scare it off. Bella tries to save Claire and winds up getting stabbed, and Claire gets the chance to show off her ability.
6. They try to go find something to patch Bella up with only to wind up in the Sun Room that Bella had earlier warned Claire not to venture into at night. Claire proceeds to try and explain her ability.
7. They get out quickly to avoid confrontation and wind up in the Ruins. In the rain. What the fuck. Claire suggests they run but they decide not to do it unless they can help other people escape too.
8. After trying to get into the church and out of the rain, Claire and Bella wind up in the Staff-Only Food Bar. Bella explains that there are others with abilities similar to Claire's and that theirs have also been limited.

Day 50
1. Claire wakes up in her room after her first night confused again, and goes to the Sun Room in hopes of seeing Bella and talking to her. Instead, she finds Peter and they catch each other up.
2. Claire comes off her emotional conversation with Peter to a meeting with her roommate over brunch. Ongoing.
3. Coming off two emotionally charged and informational conversations, Claire decides to head to the rec field to get an idea of what it looks like in the daylight. There, she runs into Bella's fiance; Edward Cullen. Ongoing.
4. Finally, she makes the mistake of assuming that she'll be able to take the last shift of the day off to figure things out, so she retires to the sun room to watch King Kong. Lo and behold, Sylar shows up and taunts her, making her aware that Noah has spent some time and is potentially still in the Institute. Ongoing.

Night 50
1. After sleeping through dinner, Bella wakes up and rushes out the door, much to Claire's surprise. However, Claire brushes it off and prepares for the night.
2. She heads straight for the main hallway where she makes plans to go to the Rec Field to get a weapon. She's surprised to see Elle has found her way into the Institute.
3. They reach the West Wing South Hall and Claire grills Elle on her abilities. The timeline discrepancy becomes obvious.
4. The doors are open to the North Hall and Claire decides it's time to ... tell Elle about the monsters.
5. Outside, they stop arguing for a while simply because there's a shitty lock on the Activities Shed door that causes lots of problems.
6. They manage to break into the Activities Shed and look around.

Day 51
1. Claire wakes up and goes to the cafeteria. She's disappointed to see Elle and Peter together. 8| But, she gets distracted by a newbie who showed up just in time for the night shift. Stefan Salvatore, who apparently got to keep his personal effects in the form of a ring when he arrived, tells her that the previous night people started speaking Japanese.
2. Claire runs into Elena in the Arts and Crafts room and then talk. Claire gives her the rundown of Landel's and tells her what to expect.
3. At lunch, Claire tries to find Peter and update him on the previous night, as well as grill him on his relationship with Elle. They make plans to meet up later in the night.
4. Showers mean private time. Or ... not. Since they're public. That's disappointing. Claire does some thinking on the timelines situation anyway.
5. After that it's to the Sun Room for some relaxation time. And a convenient run-in with Spider-Man, who breaks down Landel's radio show for her.
6. Dinner in the room gives her a chance to talk with Bella again.

Night 51
1. Claire heads out on her way to meet Peter, mentally revising her nightly plans and reflecting on insecurities.
2. She continues into the main women's hallway.
3. And the hallway that bisects the living spaces.
4. And then finally reaches Peter, who's carrying his shit in a pillowcase. Lol. Effective, but lol.
5. In the next hallway, Claire finds out Nathan was here, and she and Peter exchange room numbers.
6. Almost to the file room!!! Locks are potentially breakable, and power limitations are super-heroic impotence.
7. File Room. Peter's file is present, but Claire realizes she doesn't know "her" last name and therefore, finding her file would be impossibly time consuming. They decide to leave.
8. They start backtracking into the entry room.
9. Back into the main central hallway toward the stairs.
10. They get stopped to listen to a radio broadcast in the main west hallway but move on quickly.
11. In the stairway, Peter breaks the news that the room might be guarded. Not realizing it might be guarded by monsters, she suggests a back-up plan or distraction of some kind.
12. After some indignation, they reach the second floor and Peter points out Mello, an ex-experimentee. Claire gets her blood drawn and they discuss potential guard-monsters.
13. Fear gas time in the South Hallway. Peter and Claire hallucinate Peter going nuclear, and Claire feels the pain of both nuclear decay's effects on her body and total isolation's effects on her mind to an excessive degree.
14. Claire and Peter come out of their fear coma and reach the hallway where the experimentees should be getting out. They're shaken, but they do their best to chat Soma up and help anyway.

Day 52
01. Claire runs into Damon over breakfast and the two realize quickly how many acquaintances they have in common.
02. In the library, Claire runs into Roxas and they talk literature because it's awesome and stuff. Actually mostly just because Roxas barely knows what the word means.
03a. Claire makes a bulletin post during lunch, prior to meeting up with Elle.
03b. At lunch, Claire ruminates on the shitty mexican food and hopes Elle didn't die. She's ... less enthusiastic about Elle being alive to her face.
04. After lunch, Claire heads to the game room and runs into Natalia again.
05. Claire meets up with her roommate Bella over dinner and they quickly decide to use Claire's blood to heal Edward and disregard the promised escort Edward had planned entirely and leave on their own when the lights go out.

Night 52
01. In the F31-40 Hallway, Claire tries to get the story about how Edward got burned.
02. In the F-A Block Hallway, Claire explains her method of keeping Peters straight and tells Bella about her day and previous night.
03. In the South Hall 1-B, they figure out how to get to Peter's room.
04. They meet up with Peter in Main Hallway 1-West and start back in the direction of Edward's room after briefly explaining the plan.
05. After exchanging introductions between Bella and Peter, the group heads back into South Hall 1-B.
06. In the M-C Block Hallway, Peter tries to get info on Edward's condition out of Bella.
07. They reach Edward's room, but after some explanation, discover that Edward's skin is too hard to be punctured by the needle. Venom, the escort, arrives and is pissed as Hell.
08. Peter and Claire wind up getting kicked into the hall for a bit, where they discuss how to try and make Edward more compliant, whether or not he has an ability, and Claire's newfound inability to feel pain.
09. When Venom leaves, they come back inside, and Bella shares her plan to try and pierce Edward's skin somewhere that he got burned as a way of making it less impenetrable. Claire tries to get them to confess that Edward has an ability, and their refusal to come forth with it breeds distrust between Claire and Bella.
10. Claire and Peter leave together and Claire requests that her uncle walk back to her room with her.
11. In the hallway, Claire invites him to stay a while to talk.
12. The intercom goes off and makes them both worry about what's going on in the main parts of the Institute, but they know there's not much they can do this late into the night and simply continue on.
13. And then Peter makes the bad life choice of asking Claire how she's doing.
14. Claire lies and they discuss the success in using her blood.
15. They get back to Claire and Bella's room and start talking. They draw some more of Claire's blood and discuss Sylar and Peter's pain threshold.

Day 53
01. At breakfast, Claire grumpily tries to avoid Bella and winds up running into Stefan again. Because they're just breakfast BFFs, apparently.
02a. After breakfast, Claire posts a note trying to let Peter in on what she learned.
02b. In the sun room Claire meets up with Tim Drake.
03. At lunch, Claire talks to Peter Parker about what went down the previous night. She also tries to grill him on an apparently recently acquired injury.
04. Claire goes to her therapy session and realizes it's with the good Dr. Suresh who has indeed been brainwashed. She flips her shit.
05. She heads back to the room for dinner with Bella, par usual, with a heavy heart. :(

Night 53
01. Claire reflects on her conversation with Bella and gets out of their room.
02. She heads out to the F-A block hallway and takes a look around, continuing on.
03. She leaves the F-A block hallway and makes her way into the west wing's south hall 1-B more or less automatically.
04. In the main hallway, she catches a few people waiting but forces herself not to ask and make sure they're okay before moving on.
05. She passes by her uncle Peter's patient block and considers stopping, but doesn't.
06. Following Peter Parker's directions, she reaches the hallway that leads into his patient block and starts wondering what her chances of accidentally running into Sylar around here are.
07. Regardless of fears, she heads into the M-B block hallway to go find Peter Parker.
08. She reaches M71 to briefly chill with Peter in his room, which is less sexy than it sounds.
09. They depart and she entrusts him with the flashlight, as well as her room number. Still not as sexy as it sounds.
10. Back in the main hallway, they start working on nicknames for Peter.
11. They settle on Pete and make plans for if they get Pete's flashlight back, including a stop by the file room and some map-filling in, as well as a back-up plan that involves breaking into the storage room if they can't find the flashlight.
12. On the second floor, the two discuss therapy sessions and trauma from the second floor corridor where Pete lost his flashlight. Pete confesses what he did while hallucinating, and Claire reassures him.
13. They bolt the fuck through Hallucination Alley and make it out alive.
14. And make it out to laugh like psychotic idiots at themselves.
15. They discuss Claire's sexy cheerleader life.
16. And make awkward googoo eyes at each other some more.
17. And then Peter uses a false alarm kissy icon because Claire reminds him of MJ.
18. Jello and Walmart are very fucking serious topics. Especially to discuss while picking up the new flashlight and some spare batteries.
19. And then they get jumped by a psycho nurse. Some general fighting goes on and Claire gets the shit torn out of her trying to jump in the way to protect Peter.
20. Peter grabs Claire and runs them the fuck out of there through a couple hallways and sets Claire down once there's a lot of distance between them and the nurse. Then he notices her healing. Oshi--

Day 54
01a. Claire has a nice lonely breakfast. Where she gets tear gassed because other people suck.
01b. Pete tries to get in touch with her and she shuts him down by not responding but keeping the note.
01c. Peter checks up on her and she makes plans to meet up with him in the sun room.
02. Claire meets up with uncle Peter to discuss the previous night's events. Claire whines about Peter Parker finding out about her and about how liars suck, then tells uncle Peter she plans to lie to Parker. He calls her out on her hypocrisy like a good uncle.
03. After her fun talk with Peter, Claire goes to have lunch with Doctor McCoy. She finds it weird that he wasn't brainwashed like the other doctors, and they discuss their immediately pre-Landel's lives some. McCoy is the master of handling teenagers.
04. The girls get led out onto the recreational field for roll call. Claire asks to be taken back inside.
05a. In the sun room, Claire confronts Peter Parker about the previous night. She tries to lie to him, inadvertently hurting his feelings, but they bond some and she talks about how her dad used to work for a place like Landel's.
05b. Claire talks with Wally West on the bulletin board about the ruins near the institute.

Night 54
01. Claire leaves her room with the intentions of going to check on her uncle and make sure nothing bad happened after the ominous message over the intercom.
02. And starts moving.
03. More moving.
04. All the moving.
05. Claire almost makes it to Peter's room but she encounters a guy who looks like Peter, talks like Peter and walks like Peter. Must be Peter. Except for the part where it's Sylar. But, Claire doesn't know it. And she'd never expect, either, considering Sylar-Peter tells her that Sylar's room is in the same hallway and that she shouldn't go down that way.
06. In reaction to the bad news, Claire hauls Sylar-Peter back out in to the slightly more populated M-A Block Hallway to talk. She gushes her feelings at him about how she was worried about him and about how they should talk about the General Aguilar stuff and -- most importantly to Claire -- about how sorry she is that she treated Peter like shit and tells him that she talked to Pete.

Day 55
01. Shit gets seriously fucking real in the Institute. Military reminiscent uniforms are issued and required, and Claire enters the cafeteria to find that they're expected to clean it instead of eating breakfast. As much as she wants to say fuck that, she doesn't want anyone getting punished with tear gas, so she begrudgingly complies. Stefan shows up and the two talk over cleaning things. He's a gentleman and offers her a mop instead of a floor sponge. :( So naisu.
02a. The under 18 ladies get taken to the showers.
02b. Claire goes back out into the sun room to squirm with anxiety and paranoia. She realizes how long it's been since she saw Elle around and gets paranoid that it's what Sylar spent his last night doing while Claire chatted up Peter.
02c. Claire makes a bulletin post looking for Elle.
03 Claire has lunch with Peter.
04. Claire has a meeting with a very jealous robot.
05. Claire has dinner with Bella.

Night 55
01. F31-40 Hall
02. South Hall 1-B
03. South Hall 1-A
04. Meet up with Peter
05. South Hall 1-A
06. Main Hall 2
07. 2nd Floor
08. Library
09. 2nd Floor again
10. Staff Patio
11. Staff Food Counter
12. Kitchen (2)
13. Main Hall 2
14. Main Hall 2-Center
15. Staff Training Area

Day 56
01. Bus Ride with Edward.
02. Main Street with Damon.
03. Lunch at Tasty Burger with Peter.
04. Bath and Beauty Shop with Homestuck.

Day 57
01. Surprise! Peter Parker is alive.
02. Fake Noah pays a visit and upsets Claire.

Day 58
01. Breakfast with Peter.

Day 59
01. Breakfast with Bella Swan.
02. Lunch with Peter Parker.
03. Checkers with Peter Petrelli.